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Founded 1994 by a group of paints industry innovators from Barcelona Spain, began the path to create a company by doing what their successors at Montana Colors S.L. still do, listen to their customers. The feedback they received was that brand after brand of aerosol paints lacked consistency, color range, and difficultly in its control. Their answer was to create a product specific with these key issues in mind.

The spirit of innovation, determination and commitment to quality manifested itself in the creation of the original product Hardcore™. This decorative coating for art, home, and industrial use is still one of our staple products that continues to be improved with each year.

Montana Colors has consistently set the benchmark for all “artist” paints and boutique brands to try to match. Today Montana Colors serves a global market in over 70 countries from their 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility and headquarters in Barcelona Spain where each can is still filled and sealed by hand, setting a level of quality that is still unmatched to this day.



MTN 94
Ask anyone! The 94 is without a doubt the best paint available on the market today. Through extensive research, its launch in 2006 set a new standard in the spray paint industry. Boasting 183 colours, it is the largest colour palette in the Montana Colors family. With ultra fast drying times, this synthetic matte finish formula is the top of the line. Its lo-hi pressure female valve and revolutionary vanilla scent has made it an essential part of any artists toolkit and the writer’s favourite weapon of choice



Spray Paint 400ml / 13.5 fluid ounces. Synthetic Enamel, Gloss Finish, High Pressure Valve. Fast Drying. The world’s first spray can ever made for graffiti & street art.


waterbased bigwaterbased


Spray paint formulated with water-soluble, low odour resins and pigments of the highest quality. Highly recommended for Fine Arts, Graffiti Art and many other professional jobs. Perfect for indoor / outdoor work. Able to be manipulated when wet, durable and waterproof once dry. A must have for every artist!

  • Anti-clog valve.
  • Ergonomic format 300 ml + 100 ml.
  • Feeling less fatigue when painting indoors or places with poor ventilation.
  • Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including polystyrene
  • Fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water during the first 20 – 25 minutes.


The first 600ml spray can to appear on the market.

The cans are available in 13 basic  colour hues, each with a powerful valve that makes the product especially suitable for painting large surfaces.

The paint has the same glossy finish as Hardcore, thanks to its excellent resistance to UV rays, it is suitable for indoor use as well as exterior.

The formula allows you to cover large surfaces while saving time and paint.





750ml. No more, no less.

It is the ideal can for covering large areas. You can cover sixty square feet with just one can of Maximo, making it something to consider when it comes time to transport the paint. you cut down on the numbers of cans, which in the end makes the product cheaper.

Available in black and silver chrome, Maximo is the biggest spray can for graffiti and urban art on the market.


MTN 94 Specialty range

The MTN 94 Specialty range is made up of products with a unique purpose. Easily distinguishable with the same design as the regular 94 can, but with a black lower half, instead of white. To suit a range of needs from priming, finishing and adding effects, the 94 Specialty range has a product to fill every need.

As per the standard 94 range, all 94 specialty products come in a low pressure, 400ml can. Nozzles vary depending on the product.

Discover more about each product below, and select products by variety and colour.


MTN 94 Spectro’s are low pressure, with 9 fresh semi-transparent colours and a matte finish, excellent for shadow and creating volume and depth effects. Colours include black, white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple and brown.


As the name suggests, the 94 Specialty Fluoro range includes 6 vibrant, fluorescent colours. These colours will glow under UV light, making them perfect for clubs, stage design, and adding a little something special to your piece. Available in yellow, orange, red, pink, green and blue.


“Glow in the Dark” spray paint! The name is the game: photoluminescent paint – stores the light and glows in the dark. A part of the MTN 94 specialty range, so it performs just like a normal can of MTN 94, but it glows in the dark! You may remember the Alien Poltergeist – this is the same photoluminescent paint in a larger can, the 400ml 94 can. Low pressure, high opacity paint which will certainly raise eyebrows!


Another great member of the MTN 94 Specialty range, the Solvent. A best friend to any artist or writer, the MTN 94 Solvent easily gets rid of paint where you don’t want it. On walls, metal, plastic, even clothing. Also great for cleaning caps, simply put a used cap on the can of solvent before the paint dries, and purge the cap for a couple of seconds to clear the cap of any paint, and the cap will be good to use again. No more clogged caps! Solvent can also be used to thin your spray paint, and clean brushes which you’ve used with spray paint.


94 Specialty primers are designed to prepare a surface to be painted with other Montana Colors spray paint products (ie. the 94 or Hardcore 2). One variant of the Primer is the Polystyrene Foam Primer. Perfect for preparing polystyrene foam to be painted, when spray paint would usually deteriorate the surface.Primer for all types of plastics and metal. 400ml.

The other variant is the Metal/Plastics Primer. Perfect for preparing metal and plastic surfaces to be painted.


94 Specialty Acrylic Varnish is designed to put the finishing touch on any piece of work. From surfboards to models and canvas works, give your unique piece the perfect finishing touch. Available in Matte, Satin and Gloss.





Its size, six different colors, and high-pressure in a 150ml can might be more than it may seem at first, thus making it the best can to have on you at all times.

For use on any surface. The “Pocket Cap” included with the can and it’s high velocity gives off a thick spray with a far range. sometimes less is more, even when you have enough.



Powerful as a Hardcore but in 30ml, for tag maniacs.

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